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King Solomon's seals


King Solomon's seals are known as symbols which are used to write amulets and talismans, aside from being talismans for exorcism or summoning demons. Each symbol has its own specific text that was written on parchment. Some of the icons that appear here are used for reunion relationships, finding a match, marital harmony, removing the evil eye or witchcraft, exorcism and all kinds of ghouls from home or the environment, success and livelihood, love, keeping away of disaster or illness, health and recovery from illness. Among the icons that appear here, there are also symbols that are used to cause damage like a curse, suicide, diseases, disasters, etc.
I do not recommend drawing the icons that appear here without the knowledge or understanding the symbol. Do not attach any text to the symbols, or use them without the knowledge of the text.

King Solomon's seals - Including explanations of each seal role

01 02 03 04
For wealth, abundance and success in business Magical Seal for glory, honor, wealth and peace of mind Provides protection against enemies and evil spirits who are in a particular environment This seal is for wealth and honor
05 06 07 08
Fulfilling the vision. Like Jacob, who held the seal when he experienced the vision of the ladder to heaven Protects against national threats Provides protection against poverty For courage, ambition, enthusiasm and any kind of materialistic targets.
09 10 11 13
Very successful in treating all types of diseases, especially when is applied on the affected parts. Important seal for resistance against to enemies. A very powerful seal, helps to win any kind of argument, quarrel or fight This seal will protect the holder against damage or injury, and the enemy's weapon becomes a weapon against the enemy himself
14 15 16 17
The holder pronounces the divine nemes "EL" (God) and "YOD-HE-YOD" (Will be) to confuse the enemy Provides the holder with charm To achieve the impossible, and fulfill wishes which naturally conflicting Provides power by eloquence in all forms of written stuff. Also, impress others with literary skills. mostly, good for poets and writers
18 19 20 22
Provides with knowledge and understanding of everything. It also helps to penetrate into others' hidden thoughts  Provides power to open all the doors in a moment of difficulty, without opposition or defeat.  Opens all the doors and locks, no matter which way is locked Provides protection on the road, travels and journeys. Also, protects against water and nocturnal attacks
23 24 25 26
Protects the soul and body from all evil or injury Provides protection from night winds, which cause restless sleep and nightmares. Also helps find answers to problems and questions of human dreams Rain download magical seal when placed under water Others give the holder all the wishes and requests
27 28 29 30
Valuable in meetings with traders, competitors and enemies Protects against evil spirits and intrigues which are plotted by others Brings good news for its holder Protects the house. It also protects the resources, property and assets
31 32 33 34
Pronounces the enemy's name, and repeats the "Set You evil one to be ruler, and let Satan stand in his right hand", to make the enemy to be possessed by demons Others listen and tremble at the words of the holder Seal "El Shaddai", accomplishes its holder all his wishes Repressing pride and arrogance among those who stand in the holder's desires and requests way
35 36 37 38
Attracts fame, happiness and glory Very effective in causing the holder to see the real face of others and not what they radiate out. When the holder is next to a friend or foe, the seal opens their hidden thoughts and heart The holder calls to demons / spirits' help to move around quickly The holder will be invisible according to his request
39 40 41 42
Releases from jail. Also, releases bindings, and opens locks  Brings and makes friendship  For grace and respect. In addition, the fulfillment of all wishes Attracts love, appreciation and admiration
  43 44  
  A powerful seal. Forces each person, which the holder wants, come and meet him The seal causes to a powerful desire and will, when presented to others  
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